Ron Pope & The Nighthawks

So im in love…

Ever since that The Vampire Diaries episode when the song «A Drop in the Ocean» made everyone cry and clutching their hearts, I’ve been a fan. This man makes beautiful songs with amazing lyrics!

I went to the concert a little last minute, and i drags my good friend with me. She had never heard of Ron, but we sure turned her! She even wrote a review of the concert, that you can read here:

Now back to; I’m totally in love… What a man, what a band, what a… omg that man has some Elvis Pelvis! On fire!

It was only two things that I was sad about. 1: He did not play the song «Back to Bed» and 2: That the show did not last for a week or two.

I had a blast! Enjoy the pictures.

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