I learnd early in life to be creative. Everything is an inspiration.

I would always draw on everything, especially on walls. It got to the point where my parents had to tell me, that if i continued to draw on walls, the house would collapse. So i started drawing on the floor under the carpets instead.

My grandmother always gave me something to create, and we would stay up long in the night to create something, anything, together.

Later i wished for a camera for my 8 birthday. I got one of those disposable cameras, but i used it all up instantly.

It was not till years later, that my plans of becoming a photographer kicked in. I got my first «real» camera on my 18th birthday. I was accepted to the great Norwegian photography school; Norsk Fotofagskole, in Trondheim. I learned that i had an eye for documentary photography, and one teacher called my pictures «kinda corny», which i think is an compliment.

I went to Bosnia with documentary-photographer Morten Hvaal in 2013, on a workshop he held. I can honestly say that he has become some sort of mentor for me.

At the moment I am finishing up my Bachelor in Social Antropology, at University of Oslo.

I have created this webpage to take me to the next step on my journey. You can view my work, and read about my adventures. If you want me to shoot some photos for you, your event, or want me to travel the world, either on a tourbus, in a hotell or on an motorcycle. I´ll do it!